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Growing synergy with the academic world – Conventions signed on Mediterranean and El Salvador

The synergy between the MFA’s Directorate General for Development Cooperation and the Italian academic world received a boost through two conventions – one on a programme for the protection of the cultural heritage of El Salvador and another on a technical training programme – signed today by the Ministry with Università RomaTre and the National Research Centre (CNR), opening a new phase in that cultural and science diplomacy by which the Italian Cooperation aims to intensify its partnership with other countries of the world.

DGCS and CNR convention on training in Mediterranean countries

Director General for Development Cooperation Giampaolo Cantini and CNR President Luigi Nicolais today signed a convention regarding the multi-sector training “Science for Diplomacy” programme that will award bursaries for the training of technical staff of Mediterranean countries, and that provides resources for both the training institutions and the management of logistical aspects regarding students’ stay in Italy.

Through targeted science and technology cooperation activities, the Italian Cooperation and the CNR intend to enhance Science Diplomacy as a tool for the improvement and strengthening of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership and of relations with Mediterranean countries that are strategic to Italy. The project proposes to train experts in sectors such as maritime and fishing policy, management of sustainable agro-food resources and the sustainable administration and conservation of cultural heritage. It is aimed at young university graduates with degrees in economics, sociology, technology and science, as well as officials from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia. The programme will be aimed, on the one hand, at the integration of the trained personnel into the socio-economic fabric of their home countries and, on the other, at boosting Italy’s ties with those countries.

A total of 70 participants will be selected to receive 6-month busaries, and the courses will be administered through CNR institutes around Italy. The Italian Development Cooperation will make a contribution of €990,387.23 to the project, equal to 68% of its total costs.

Italian Cooperation and Roma Tre together to protect the cultural heritage of El Salvador

Yesterday Giampaolo Cantini and Dean of Università RomaTre Mario Panizza signed a convention regarding the project “Strengthening the Secretaria de Cultura de la Presidencia di El Salvador by protection cultural heritage of El Salvador”. The initiative will be carried out by RomeTre and will be aimed at creating a system of permanent training for various professional profiles required in the maintenance and proper conservation of El Salvador’s traditional and artisanal heritage as an identifying cultural feature of its people. The Italian Cooperation will contribute approximately one million euro to the project, which has the potential to generate positive synergies with other Cooperation initiatives in that country, such as the project for the restoration of the historic city of San Salvador.

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