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Bonino addressesCNA Next – Europe doesn’t mean a loss of sovereignty

Ensuring that Italy follows the path of growth, capitalising on our products and attracting inward investment: all of this is possible. But we need to take action, and look to the European dimension too. This was the message underscored by Foreign Minister Emma Bonino in her address to the 4th Collective Intelligence Festival (CNA NeXT) organised in Florence by the young entrepreneurs branch of the National Confederation of Artisans and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (CNA). The principal aim of the event was to provide an overview of the current state of the Made in Italy brand, the assets that can help revitalise “System Italy”, and how best to capitalise on the country’s manufacturing heritage.

“Connecting” is the keyword, not individualism, Bonino tells young entrepreneurs

“Europe does not mean a loss of sovereignty, it means added sovereignty”, underscored the foreign minister. In her overview of the state of the art of the business world, Minister Bonino had the following message for the new generations of business people: “I don’t believe the debate is between small and large businesses but between those that establish connections and those determined to go it alone. My generation focused to an extraordinary degree on individualism; we preferred to loseby ourselves rather than join forces. I hope your generation is different”.

We capture just 1.6% of global capital. We need to take action, says Minister Bonino

Minister Bonino did not conceal the difficulty of the current situation. However, this must not lead Italy’s SMEs to stand still. “At present it’s clear, as the figures tell us, that we are able to capture just 1.6% of all of the world’s capital flows. If we do nothing, not only will we fail to attract investment, but we’ll run the risk of losing Italian capital too”.

That’s the reason the Destinazione Italia plan was launched: its aim is to create a favourable legislative and bureaucratic environment for those wishing to invest in Italy. Because with transparent rules, capital flows become an important asset to help our country grow. And Emma Bonino did not forget that the manufacturing sector– which, crisis notwithstanding, is one of the pillars of “System Italy” – is one of the jewels in Italy’s economic crown.

“The Made in Italy brand is performing very well indeed, in spite of everything. And that should lead us to reflect that, precisely at the most difficult times, it is Italian manufacturing that has passed the test, and passed it with flying colours. For a number of reasons”. Here, Minister Bonino was referring not just to the best-known names, such as Bulgari, but to products like machinery, aerospace, and advanced technology companies.

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