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Mogherini: making a system to promote Italy – Internationalisation of Lazio – 2014 programme presented at the Farnesina

“Italy has wealth, diversity, and a network of resources and energies that anyone coming from outside knows well. Italy is in demand around the world, and we cannot respond to that demand with national resources alone: there is a diversity of regions, cities, businesses and cultures that are the real wealth and potential of our country. Our strength lies in our ability to turn that into a system,”, asserted Federica Mogherini as she opened the presentation of “Lazio International. Programme for 2014 interventions for the internationalisation of Lazio”.

Pushing potential

“Our task is to push the potential that’s there, nurture it and, as far as the foreign ministry is concerned, lead it into the world, in order to make sure that Italy is not only a country that attracts investments, but that responds adequately to the demand for Italy in the world”. Mogherini underscored that the fact that this presentation was taking place at the foreign ministry “is precisely because putting the spotlight on system, our interconnection at regional, national and international level, multiplies the effects across the country”.

Lazio Region: 65 million for International Plan for business

Over 65 million euro will go to supporting businesses, opening the Lazio economy to the international dimension and stimulating its ability to intervene in international markets and attract foreign investments. The regional administration has decided, for the first time ever, to earmark 20 million euro in its 2014-2016 planning, of which 11.4 million for 2014. In addition to these resources over 45 million euro in European planning schemes.

Intervention guidelines

Intervention guidelines were laid out on the basis of an analysis of 10 sectors considered useful in drawing the regional economy into the international arena: aerospace, agri-alimentary, furniture/design, automotive manufacturing, biosciences, the economy of the sea, ICT, the culture industry, restoration, building technology and fashion.

Three strategic lines

Regional actions in 2014 (11.4 million euro) will follow along three strategic lines: 5-million euro in financing for internationalisation proposals and projects presented by businesses, in addition to 500,000 euro to help firms access internationalisation services and participate in trade fairs; then 5.4 million for projects aimed at helping SMEs expand into other countries (specifically: 2.6 million for expansion toward the Mediterranean and the Americas; 0.9 million for international trade fairs, tourism and EXPO 2015; 400,000 euro for economic diplomacy; 200,000 for manager training; 100,000 for the creation of a start-up festival). The third line involves 500,000 euro for governance interventions, business orientation, creation of the website and to set up a strict monitoring system for internationalisation initiatives under way in Lazio and for assessing those the Region finances or invests in.