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The Minister’s international activity. 49 missions in 6 months, in Italy and abroad, for Minister Mogherini

49 missions in just over 6 months. That is the balance sheet of Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini’s journeys in Italy and abroad from the day she took office, 22 February, to 10 September 2014. From the Balkans to the Middle East, from Europe to Latin America, the Minister has travelled to 65 destinations for international summits or bilateral meetings, institutional events and conferences.

Mogherini has used scheduled airline 50 times, 44 of which in economy class. With the exception of intercontinental flights, the Minister flew business class only when there were no economy seats available. She required 18 state flights, for journeys totalling 27 different stretches, only when it was impossible for her to reach her destination or take part in her engagements using scheduled flights. She used the train for 5 journeys, travelling second class.