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G20 Youth Summit: Young Ambassadors Society seeks 5 delegates for Y20 Turkey 2015 in Istanbul

The Young Ambassadors Society is once again training and recruiting the Italian delegation for Y20, the G20 Youth summit taking place from 15 to 21 August 2015 in Istanbul.

Participation in international summits

Once again this year, the Young Ambassadors Society (YAS) will be sending 5 Italian delegates to the Istanbul Summit taking place in August 2015. The young ambassadors will discuss the future of the global economy, along with delegations from the other G20 member countries. The Summit will address the following topics:

  1.       Enhancing Resilience: a stable financial system accompanied by an efficient and transparent international fiscal system are vital in ensuring elasticity and preventing new shocks in the global markets
  1.      Strengthening the Global Recovery and Lifting Potential: in spite of national and global reform processes, the economic recovery from the recession is making slow progress. How can we guarantee confidence in the markets, harmonise macro-economic policies, combat unemployment and create quality jobs?
  1.     Buttressing Sustainability: environment, development and climate change have for some time been central issues on the G20 agenda. How can sustainable development models help combat poverty?

The conclusions reached by the young delegates will be collected in a final communiqué that will be presented to Italian and international politicians and will represent the voice of young people on priority issues on the G20 agenda. The delegates will also follow a training and consultation process with the institutions. In previous years they have met representatives of the Prime Minister’s Office at Palazzo Chigi and of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ideal candidate should:

  •        hold Italian citizenship
  •        be aged between 18-30 (being under 25 will be an asset)
  •        possess proven track record of outstanding curricular and/or extracurricular achievements
  •        have not participated previously in any Y8/20 events
  •        have an interest in the work and the topics dealt with in the G20.

Board and accommodation costs will be covered for all delegates. For information on submitting your application please refer to the site:

Young Ambassadors Society

Since 2011, the YAS has been an instrument for dialogue and the dissemination of young people’s ideas in politics and international economics. Its aim is to bring young people closer to the worlds of politics and diplomacy by recruiting and training them to take part in conferences, round tables and seminars with leading experts here in Italy. The YAS has a growing number of prominent partners and sponsors on the national and international stage, and a network of connections and contacts with outstanding experience and expertise.

The YAS is also engaged in an on-going consultation process with the Italian institutions with a view to enabling young people to play an active part in political and economic questions. Many of our delegates’ ideas – from measures to combat youth unemployment to a closer focus on agriculture, food and the environment – have been included in the Y20 and G20 Final Communiqués. In addition to the G20 and G7/8 summits, YAS delegates have played an active role in high level international meetings including COP IX in India, Rio+20 in Brazil, (G)irls 20, European Youth Event in Strasbourg, East Forum in Brussels, and the G20 Food and Nutrition Security Workshop in Rome.

The results achieved over the years are the fruit of the work and enthusiasm of the YAS staff. The Society is composed of and run entirely by university students and young professionals. Its aim is to provide a representation of young Italians in the international sphere and provide opportunities for dialogue, analysis and personal growth for our young people.