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Nepal: Italian Cooperation pursues humanitarian efforts

A flight carrying a load of 16 tonnes of emergency supplies (valued at 160,000 EUR) from the Italian Cooperation arrived in Kathmandu today.

The dispatch, arranged in collaboration with the UN logistical base in Brindisi (UNHRD) and INTERSOS on behalf of a consortium of Italian NGOs known as AGIRE, is part of a broader Italian Cooperation package of humanitarian aid that includes two multilateral emergency contributions for a total of 800,000 EUR, divided equally between FAO and IMO (International Migration Organisation) for interventions in the sectors of food security and assistance to the displaced.

Thanks to Italy’s contribution, FAO will see to the distribution of seed and agricultural equipment that will make it possible to resume farming activities ahead of the monsoon season; the IMO project aims to ensure shelter to the homeless living in reception camps, along with healthcare and psychological support.

The projects in question are in addition to an initial humanitarian aid intervention of 100,000 EUR recently carried out by the Italian Cooperation, and a multilateral contribution of 300,000 EUR to the International Red Cross Federation decided in the hours immediately following the earthquake of 25 April.

These initiatives bring to 1.3 million EUR the Italian Cooperation’s total financial commitment to alleviating the suffering of the Nepalese people within the framework of a system-wide intervention that also includes a medical outpost set up by the Italian Civil Defence Department.

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