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Foreign policy and support for internationalisation. First open competition with Civil Service-RIPAM Commission innovations published for the recruitment of 300 staff units at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

The notice of competition for the selection of 300 non-executive officials of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has been published on the portal. The selection will be managed by the Department of Civil Service-RIPAM Commission, through Formez PA.

The new recruitments will enable the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic-consular network to respond more incisively to the current foreign policy challenges and consolidate its activities at the service of Italian nationals and businesses in their international projection. The staff to be selected will include 60 IT, telecommunications and digit services officers; 145 administrative, accounting and consular officers; 30 economic, financial and commercial profile officers; 50 officers in the area of cultural promotion and 15 units with architect/engineer functions.

The competition is the first to be published by the RIPAM Commission in application of the new rules introduced by Decree Law 44/2023 (Law 74/2023) and Presidential Decree 82/2023, which establish fast-track times for the recruitment of people with public value-oriented skills. The new regulations make the rules for access to public employment more streamlined and rational, favouring digitisation and simplification, promoting equal access and gender balance, ensuring maximum participation and full transparency and efficiency of procedures.

The competition consists of a written test (multiple-choice questions on the subjects characterising each profile, logic and situational questions to be carried out on digital support) and an oral test. For the first time, candidates will also be subjected to situational tests in English. The selection, in line with the new regulations, values not only qualifications but also previous professional experience.

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