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Mission of Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs, Giorgio Silli, to Geneva on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights and the Global Refugee Forum (12-14 December)

Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Giorgio Silli, participated in a mission to the UN in Geneva, as the head of the Italian delegation invited to the high-level celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights and the Global Refugee Forum, organised by the UN Secretary-General.

Among the topics on which the Undersecretary’s participation in the High-Level Event on Human Rights focused were the limitation of civil and political rights, gender violence, the concerning increase of death sentences, serious discrimination against religious and ethnic minorities, protection of children and people with disabilities – mainly in conflict scenarios, humanitarian efforts to face the Middle Eastern crisis. The Undersecretary highlighted Italy’s commitment to promote and protect human rights, a traditional priority for our Country, mainly in the face of the numerous violations happening in the international panorama.

Beyond the High-level Event, Undersecretary Silli met Nadia al-Nashif, UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, and attended the opening of the contemporary art exhibition “Art and Human Rights” – installed in the Palais des Nations in Geneva – organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in partnership with Associazione Genesi, chaired by Letizia Moratti.

In the speech held at the Global Refugee Forum, Silli underlined the initiatives carried out by Italy to reduce forced displacement worldwide, including that affecting the actors of civil society and private sector, with which the Undersecretary held dedicated meetings. The Italian approach is very attentive to analyse the deep-rooted causes behind forced migrations and refugees-related scenarios, from the protection of those fleeing from wars and religious, gender or ethnic persecutions, to the analysis of social, economic and development factors. Silli mentioned the actions implemented by Italy to support transit countries and the relevant authorities in protecting and aiding refugees, including victims of human trafficking, and offering labour and integration solutions across hosting countries. The Undersecretary also highlighted how Italian best practices play a fundamental role in relation to human corridors and the launch of professional corridors for refugees; finally, he mentioned several refugee-integration initiatives promoted by the private sector in Italy.

The Forum was an occasion to strengthen the historical collaboration between Italy and the UNHCR – Italy is one of the main UNHCR donors. Apart from attending the World Refugee Forum – Undersecretary Silli met Amy Pope, DG of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) -, and the Canadian Deputy Minister of Immigration, Christiane Fox, and Mami Mizutori – Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Disaster Risk Reduction. Moreover, the Undersecretary took part in a round table promoted by Germany on the implementation of the Global Compact to support Sahel’s refugees.

In addition to that, Undersecretary Silli – also appointed Italian delegate worldwide – met the Representatives of the Italian Community in Switzerland.