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Terrorism; VM Sereni, it is reorganising in silence

“The fight against terrorism represents a commitment of the utmost importance to counter a very dangerous and constantly evolving global threat”. This was stated by Vice Minister Marina Sereni speaking on video at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Conference “Effective Partnerships Against Terrorism and Violent Extremism and Radicalisation that lead to Terrorism”, taking place in Vienna.

“Today we are forced to face this challenge together against the background of Covid-19 – VM Sereni added – and it is therefore even more important to remain focused and committed. Terrorism and radical extremism may have disappeared from the headlines, but they have not disappeared from our societies”.

“Terrorism – the Vice Minister explained – is constantly adapting to the situation and we cannot lower our guard. Radicalisation and violent extremism leading to terrorist acts can thrive in times of uncertainty and that is why, today more than ever, we must continue to build effective partnerships. If we fail to offer protection, stability and security; if our societies tend to widen economic and social disparities, if schools leave the most fragile behind and increase unemployment by marginalising young people, if we fail to protect and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms, dangerous seeds will grow on the ground of radicalisation and violent extremism. More than ever, we must also invest in women, central figures in our communities and vehicles of positive and unifying narratives within our societies”.

“Italy – Ms Seren stated as well – continues to support OSCE projects to counter terrorism in many areas, particularly in the Western Balkans, Central Asia and the Mediterranean. We want to continue to work with OSCE member states and partners to prevent and fight terrorism. We need to share the lessons we learned, for example on radicalisation in prison, and adopt best practices that enable de-radicalisation and reintegration into society. Although today in the midst of a global pandemic it may seem particularly burdensome to deal with this dangerous and odious phenomenon, we cannot afford to lose international cooperation. Now,” the Vice Minister concluded, “is the time to take up the challenge that awaits us together.

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