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3 September: elections called to renew the COMITES

Today, 3 September 2021, a consular decree called elections for 107 Committees of Italians Abroad (which were already in place at the previous round of elections of 17 April 2015), and 12 new Committees, elected in consular areas that have reached or exceeded the threshold of 3,000 Italian residents. These newly instituted Committees will be located in Helsinki, Capodistria, La Valletta, Moscow, Arona, Istanbul, Budapest, Santo Domingo, Casablanca, Jerusalem, Tokyo, Singapore, and Canberra.

Election day is set for 3 December 2021. To take part in the elections an application must be submitted to the relevant Consular Office (by ordinary post, e-mail, or Certified e-mail, by going to the Consulate in person, or by making a request using the Fast-It computerised app) by not later than 3 November 2021. The Committee to be elected will be made up of 12 or 18 members, depending on the number of resident Italian nationals.

This year, the elections to renew the Committees of Italians Abroad will provide the chance of experiencing electronic voting for the first time – at a limited number of Diplomatic / Consular Offices, and under specific conditions. This will take place side-by-side with votes by correspondence.

The MAECI [Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation] stresses the importance of taking part in the elections, which is a basic way of valorising our numerous Italian communities abroad. The Committees will provide access to contact persons who are always available, spokespersons for the interests and needs of Italian citizens resident in the territory. The Com.It.Es. support our fellow-countrymen, providing information to facilitate integration, organising seminars, meetings and conferences (also dealing with legal and pension matters), language courses or professional training, and important cultural initiatives – such as publications or exhibitions.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry therefore urges all Italian citizens abroad to register to vote and to make an active contribution to supporting their local Italian community.