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​Italy-Greece dialogue features “Testimoni di pietra” photographic exhibition

Dialogo Italia-Grecia, mostra fotografica Testimoni di pietra
Dialogo Italia-Grecia, mostra fotografica Testimoni di pietra

A cultural dialogue between an Italian photographer, Cosmo Laera, and a Greek photographer, Giannis Giannelos, is displayed in an exhibition on the island of Kythnos, in the Cyclades archipelago, under the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Greece and organised in collaboration with the Municipality of Kythnos and the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens. The photographs of the exhibition, which opened to the general public on 20 July 2022 in the cloisters of Panagia Stratilatissa and Panagia Flambouriani churches, draw inspiration from the art of dry stone walling and from traditional landscapes, giving due value to both the Cycladic setting and the agricultural landscapes of southern Italy.

Through the event, the local institutions aim to create cultural connections between Kythnos and the world. In this context, art acts as a catalyst, uniting people, highlighting common roots and traditions, encouraging cooperation between countries and facilitating communication and mutual understanding. Using their sensitivity and skills, the two artists highlight the soul and authenticity of the Mediterranean landscape through the indelible and distinctive mark man has left on the countryside.

In his photographs from Kythnos, Greek photographer Giannis Giannelos celebrates the ancient art of dry stone walling, typical of the Cycladic landscape. Similarly, Italian photographer Cosmo Laera narrates the countryside of Southern Italy in his works. In the images, the hard work of building the dry stone wall takes shape, recounting the story of farmers and shepherds who, generation after generation, succeeded in creating strips of arable land.