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Special Envoys

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    Andrea Benzo

    Special Envoy for FoRB Protection and Interreligious Dialogue

    The Special Envoy is tasked with operationalizing Italy’s international engagement in the protection of freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) and in promoting interreligious dialogue. The Special Envoy takes part in the meetings of all relevant international formats and, as part of our public diplomacy engagement, fosters the relations with religious actors and faith-based civil society organizations.

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    Francesco Corvaro

    Italian Government’s Special Envoy for Climate Change

    The Special Envoy for Climate Change of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security is the reference point of Italian administrations with regard to the external dimension of climate change policies. The Envoy ensures the liaison between the two competent Ministries, and his appointment confirms Italy’s commitment to the fight against climate change and its desire to confirm its leadership in one of the decisive issues for the survival of our planet.

  • Stefano Gatti
    Stefano Gatti

    Special Envoy for Food Security

    The Special Envoy promotes Italy’s role on food security in the world, coordinating the activities of the Farnesina and other Italian government bodies in multilateral fora such as the European Union, the United Nations, and other organisations working in this field. The appointment responds to the commitment of Italy, which hosts the UN food hub in Rome, in the fight against hunger and malnutrition in the most vulnerable areas of the planet, to ensure equal access to food, a priority pursued by Italian Cooperation.

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    Orazio Guanciale

    Special Envoy for the Small Island States in the Pacific and Coordinator for Italy’s participation in multilateral programmes on Antarctica

    The Special Envoy promotes Italy’s relations with the Small Island States in the Pacific, both bilaterally and in the main regional fora, and promotes development cooperation projects benefiting the area. Moreover, he ensures the strengthening of Italy’s presence on the Indo-Pacific stage and represents Italy in the annual meetings of the Consultative Parties to the Antarctic Treaty and of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

  • Nicola Orlando
    Nicola Orlando

    Special Envoy for Libya

    The Special Envoy for Libya is responsible for developing relations with the main international partners and actively participating in the international fora on Libya, in liaison with the Director General for Political and Security Affairs. The aim is to facilitate the Libyan political process and contribute to the stabilisation of and peacemaking in the Country.

  • Fabrizio Petri
    Fabrizio Petri

    Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTIQ+ persons

    The Special Envoy coordinates the action of the Farnesina for the protection and promotion of the human rights of LGBTIQ+ persons, in the broader context of national foreign policy priorities in terms of human rights. The Envoy acts at the international level on discriminations against LGBTIQ+ persons and communities, also by promoting the broadest possible decriminalization of homosexuality throughout the world.

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    Gianfranco Petruzzella

    Special Envoy for Afghanistan

    The Special Envoy promotes, in liaison with the Director General for Political and Security Affairs, the development and implementation of the Italian position on Afghanistan, in line with Italy’s commitment on behalf of the Afghan population, peace in that country and regional stability and security. The Special Envoy has the task of developing contacts with the key international partners and actors. He takes part in meetings of “formats” and other groups specifically addressing the situation in Afghanistan.

  • Vanni d'Archirafi Uberto
    Vanni d’Archirafi Uberto

    Special Envoy for the Caribbean Countries

    The Special Envoy for the Caribbean Countries promotes Italy’s relations with the Caribbean Countries and the main regional fora, like CARICOM and the Association of Caribbean States. His role is to strengthen economic, technical, and cultural bilateral cooperation, especially on priority issues such as sustainable development, environmental protection, and tackling climate change, thus enhancing the legal and financial instruments provided to the Countries in the region.

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    Stefano Ravagnan

    Special Envoy for the Syrian Crisis and the anti-Daesh Coalition

    The Special Envoy develops contacts with the key actors involved in the political crisis in Syria. He works alongside the United Nations Special Envoy and representatives of other countries and international organisations, in line with Italy’s traditional commitment to peace and stability in the Mediterranean. As part of the Anti-Daesh Coalition, he promotes the development of Italy’s position in international fora and takes part in the meetings of various working groups, ensuring consistency and perspective.

  • Carmine Robustelli
    Carmine Robustelli

    Special Envoy for the Arctic

    The Special Envoy ensures Italy’s presence in the different international fora dedicated to the Arctic and coordinates Italy’s participation in the work of the Arctic Council. At the national level, he chairs the Arctic Task Force – ensuring every possible synergy to strengthen the Italian presence in the region – and the Arctic Science Committee, which is responsible for developing and monitoring the Arctic Research Programme.