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14 March 2023
Tajani: «This is how Russia’s mercenaries push migrants into Italy» (Il Giornale)

Minister Tajani, as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, you were in Israel and Palestine for two days and now you are travelling to Egypt. What stock can you take of your mission so far? «The mission to Israel and Palestine, where I saw the two Presidents, the two Prime Ministers and the two Foreign […]

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10 March 2023
Ministers Tajani and Schallenberg “From granting EU candidate status to launching the reform plan: 2023 marks a real turning point” (Il Piccolo)

The year 2023 is off to a positive start for Bosnia-Herzegovina. The granting of EU candidate status in December 2022 is a clear signal that Bosnia-Herzegovina’s future lies in the EU. The achievement of this goal was strongly supported in Brussels by Italy and Austria. Following the October 2022 elections, the government at state level […]

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6 March 2023
Tajani: «I understand those who leave, but this emergency must be addressed. And Italy cannot do it alone» (Corriere della Sera)

ROME « Do you know what the only truth is?» Which is the only truth, Minister Tajani? “That the immigration emergency is the biggest problem we shall face in the coming years, probably decades. Beyond speculation or internal political controversies, Italy cannot do it alone». Nor can it stand by and watch while people die […]

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5 March 2023
Minister Tajani: “The relaunch of exports from India to the Emirates. And an EU flow decree” (Il Messaggero)

First India, then Abu Dhabi. Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonio Tajani, is back from yet another mission abroad and on the eve of the next ones in Bosnia Herzegovina and Israel. A relentless diplomatic action to mend relations, create partnerships, relaunch Italy’s role in the world. From the economy to gas routes, […]

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24 February 2023
Tajani: “Beijing should persuade Putin to sit at the peace table. The jets? Not planned for now” (Corriere della Sera)

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani is in New York on a busy schedule, which included speaking at the Special Session of the UN General Assembly the day before yesterday. The Minister defined the resolution as “a text that defends Ukraine but that is above all in favour of peace”. Today Minister Tajani will […]

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21 February 2023
Antonio Tajani ‘Weapons for the freedom of Europe, but it is difficult for us to send fighters’ (La Stampa)

Minister Antonio Tajani explains: “The relay in Kiev between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni “has great significance. It shows the unity of the West and NATO in defending Ukraine’s independence.” Foreign Minister Tajani is leaving for New York, where he will attend the UN General Assembly, in a special session organised one […]

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15 February 2023
Interview with Antonio Tajani: “In New York to support the UN’s role in Ukraine” (La Voce di New York)

Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, the first member of the Meloni government to visit the US, will be at the Security Council one year after the outbreak of the war   A year has now passed since the first sirens sounded. It was on 24 February 2022 when, at dawn, the news went around the […]

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15 February 2023
Tajani: “Weapons and sanctions, Italy remains at Kiev’s side, but for now no new decrees”

“We want peace in Ukraine. However, one year after the beginning of this disastrous war that has cost thousands of lives, we are aware that peace can only be achieved by continuing to supply the Kiev army with weapons. Italy supports the Ukrainian people and will do everything to ensure that the conflict does not […]

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15 February 2023
Tajani: “The government is stronger and the centre remains crucial” (il Giornale)

“This election has strengthened the government and the centre-right coalition; the centre has done its part once again, as demonstrated by the decisive result of Forza Italia, which gained 2 points in Lazio and held on in Lombardy,” said Italian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Forza Italia national coordinator Antonio Tajani, speaking […]

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10 February 2023
Tajani: «No issue regarding the weapons to Ukraine. Italy plays a central role, it is not isolated» (Corriere della Sera)

ROME “It was a mistake, a gaffe that does not go in the direction of strengthening Europe’s action in favour of Ukraine’s freedom. It was a diplomatic gaffe on the part of the government of a great friendly democracy, and it happened just a few days before the celebration of the Quirinal Treaty between our […]

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