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18 November 2022
​Antonio Tajani: “The rules on refugees have been overtaken. The EU should give one hundred billion to Africa” (La Stampa)

Minister Tajani, was it right to trigger a diplomatic incident with a strategic ally like France at such a sensitive time? “Italy didn’t create any diplomatic incident, neither with Germany initially nor with France later. We raised a problem of compliance with the rules. Immigration can only be resolved at the European level. There are […]

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16 November 2022
The “Tajani code” “NGOs must save human lives and not become taxis for illegal immigrants” (il Giornale)

Yesterday it became clear just how little is needed to cause permanent damage. The news is frightening and, in these cases, it is never wrong to wait and understand. At 9 PM there were still few certainties. Two Russian missiles were said to have exploded beyond the Polish borders. For half an hour, the danger […]

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13 November 2022
Tajani: «France’s reaction is disproportionate. Now Brussels must pass a code of conduct» (Corriere della Sera)

Minister Antonio Tajani, will the government succeed to make amends with France? «On the migration issue, we posed a political problem. We didn’t want to raise a controversy. On their part, France’s reaction was disproportionate, also stemming from domestic policy issues. We aim for stronger European action because the 7,000 kilometers of Italian coasts represent the southern […]

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9 November 2022
Minister Tajani: “Determination pays off. A signal has been given. I will ask for an EU agreement” (Quotidiano Nazionale)

Minister Tajani, how will Italy respond to the very clear position taken by the European Union which disagrees with the government on disembarking migrants? Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said “we abide by international law. It is the non-governmental organisations who should play by the rules.”  This would create […]

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8 November 2022
Tajani: «From the Balkans to Africa, Italy is key in peacekeeping» (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno)

If left unmanaged, migration flows are bound to increase: from Ukraine, if the war persists, from the Balkans should a Serbia-Kosovo crisis break out, and from the African continent, which is predicted to contain at least 2.5 billion people by 2050. Inaction is not an option for Italy, the geographical pier of Europe. This is […]

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30 October 2022
Tajani: «We need to count as much as Germany and France in Brussels»

Minister Antonio Tajani, there seems to be no hint of peace in the war scenario; are we still up for the role of guarantor in a possible negotiation? «Our goal is clearly to achieve peace but there can be no peace without justice, and therefore without the independence of Kiev. Which means defending the values in which […]

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11 September 2022
Sequi: “The weight of foreign policy today.” (Corriere della Sera)

Dear Editor,  The weight of foreign policy can also be inferred from our household bills. The fallout of skyrocketing gas and wheat prices on households and enterprises brings back to mind the effects of ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict. It is therefore in the logic of things to talk about it so that readers may be enabled to […]

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24 July 2022
Luigi Di Maio: ” All Foreign Ministry’s measures for small and medium-sized enterprises in the South” (il Quotidiano)

The pandemic crisis has forced us to redefine the Foreign Ministry’s action to support enterprises, especially small and medium-sized ones (…). The pandemic crisis has forced us to redefine the Foreign Ministry’s action to support enterprises, particularly small and medium-sized ones, to foster their recovery through better positioning in international markets. This is the reason […]

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22 July 2022
Luigi Di Maio: “Beyond the emergency, the Pact for Export Pact starts again from the South” (Il Mattino)

The recovery of Italian exports – which began at the end of last year with record exports equal to 516 billion euros – risks being held back by bottlenecks on the supply side that prevent Italian products from expressing their full potential. The demand for Italian products exists and continues to be sustained – as […]

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26 June 2022
Lauding social reforms in Saudi Arabia, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio says Rome ready to support kingdom

The two G20 members are committed to continue working in the ‘same spirit of cooperation and solidarity for strong sustainable and inclusive growth’ Di Maio to co-chair 12th session of Saudi-Italian Joint Commission with KSA Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan ROME: Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio has stressed the importance of consolidating his […]

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