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12 June 2023
Tajani: «Putin intenta recomponer la Unión Soviética y no parará» (El País)

Antonio Tajani (Roma, 69 años), vicepresidente del Ejecutivo italiano y ministro de Exteriores, fue cocinero antes que fraile. En este caso, periodista antes que político. Sabe torear bien en plazas complicadas. Pero en esta ocasión, una entrevista el viernes en uno de los grandes salones del palacio de la Farnesina, sede del Ministerio de Exteriores, […]

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7 June 2023
Antonio Tajani – Manfred Weber: “EU must regain control of the Mediterranean, national selfishness brings insecurity” (La Stampa)

Europe is walking blindly toward a new migration crisis. In the first quarter of 2023, more than 80,000 people crossed the EU’s borders illegally. Illegal border crossings on the Central Mediterranean route alone have increased by nearly 150 percent compared to the same period in 2022. These figures translate into overcrowded refugee centers, increased controls […]

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5 June 2023
Tajani: “With Brussels there was only a misunderstanding. However, in view of the 2024 election, the Commission should not take sides” (Corriere della Sera)

ROME He sees no problems with Europe over the NRRP: “A lot of countries are reviewing their plans, what is happening in Italy is completely normal”. Also, the back-and-forth with the EU Commission is “the result of a misunderstanding, nothing more”. Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani puts an end […]

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29 May 2023
Foreign Minister Tajani: «We will get all the funds. We are working to meet the goals of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan» (Corriere della Sera)

ROME «Italy will not lose anything. We go ahead: we do our homework, and in the end the results will come». The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, is absolutely convinced about the NRRP. He claims the flexibility about which Prime Minister Meloni’s government has always spoken, but he does not want to […]

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25 May 2023
Tajani: “Brindisi heads for global scenarios also thanks to the UN base” (La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno)

This afternoon (6:30 p.m.) in Brindisi, Minister Antonio Tajani will take part in a meeting organised by Confindustria. What role can Apulia play against the backdrop of the exchanges with the East and the new energy policies? “Southern Italy, and therefore Apulia, can become a Mediterranean energy hub, a place to redistribute energy produced in […]

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15 May 2023
Tajani: “Italy is more united alongside Ukraine” (La Stampa)

Minister Tajani, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni promised Ukraine military aid until a just peace is achieved. But what would a just peace be? “The one in which international law is restored and the Russians withdraw from Ukrainian territory”. It will not happen. “We will see. Italy is ready to listen to any proposal that could […]

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15 May 2023
Tajani: “If the Black Sea is blocked, there will be a new wave of migrants” (Il Messaggero)

Minister Tajani, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has hinted that the war will continue for a long time. Meanwhile, the shadow of a new food crisis looms large over Africa. What happens if the wheat export agreement breaks down? “It is a scenario we do not want to consider. The lives of millions of people living […]

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9 May 2023
Tajani: Italian archaeology abroad, a boost for the country (Il Messaggero)

Today in Campidoglio we will celebrate, with the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiuliano, and the Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri, the first Italian Archaeology Day abroad, in the presence of the 184 Directors of the Italian Archaeological, Anthropological and Ethnological Missions backed by the Foreign Ministry abroad. From the first archaeological mission in Morocco at […]

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8 May 2023
Tajani: “Africa is not a land of conquest. We are worried about private militias” (Avvenire)

“Africa must not become a land of conquest. Today it is unthinkable to imagine a new race for that continent like the one of inauspicious memory of the 19th century. However, in countries such as Sudan, Libya or the Central African Republic, we have long noticed growing foreign influences that are causing a deterioration in […]

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5 May 2023
Tajani “Wir waren nicht naiv gegenüber Putin” (Frankfurter Allgemeine)

Herr Minister, der ukrainische Präsident Wolodymyr Selenskyj ist zum zweiten Mal in Europa — und besucht wieder nicht Italien. Stört Sie das? Die italienische Regierung hat vorige Woche eine große Veranstaltung mit tausend italienischen und ukrainischen Unternehmen für den Wiederaufbau der Ukraine organisiert. Präsident Selenskyj war gleich zweimal live dazugeschaltet. Kurz danach war unsere Ministerpräsidentin […]

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