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9 November 2023
Minister Tajani: “We support Israel’s defence but civilians must be protected” (Corriere della Sera)

Minister Tajani: “We support Israel’s defence but civilians must be protected” (Corriere della Sera) From the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Tokyo, to Paris for the Gaza emergency, with one objective: “To tackle the humanitarian crisis suffered by the civilian population while also trying to manage the political clash, in order to plan for an […]

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8 November 2023
Interview with Minister Antonio Tajani: “Our oil paired with typical African dishes among the challenges of the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World” (Gambero Rosso)

The first Week of Italian Cuisine in the World was held in 2016. The aim was to promote our food and wine culture in the world, as national heritage to be preserved and enhanced. In the various editions, there have been many novelties and innovations in this integrated promotion initiative of the Italian Ministry of […]

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7 November 2023
Il vicepremier Tajani «Toscana, il governo c’è Cento milioni alle imprese per ripartire subito» (Nazione – Carlino – Giorno)

II ministro degli Esteri e vicepremier, Antonio Tajani, ha voluto portare la vicinanza e la solidarietà del governo alla Toscana, ancora una volta ferita da una terribile alluvione. Ha scelto una città simbolo con il distretto tessile più grande d’Europa, messo in ginocchio dalla furia della tempesta Ciaran. Lo ha fatto ieri mattina raggiungendo Prato e […]

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31 October 2023
Tajani: ” Settlers should not incite violence. On the finance bill, Prime Minister Meloni has listened to us” (La Stampa)

«We have always said that Hamas is a terrorist organisation. We are with Israel, but on both sides the first concern must be for civilians. Israel’s reaction must be proportionate. This is also a warning to the settlers. Neither they nor Palestinian groups must encourage violence against the civilian population». Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has […]

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26 October 2023
Tajani: «Linea durissima sui visti falsi per i clandestini» (Libero)

Ministro, recentemente ha mandato gli ispettori in Congo per verificare la situazione del rilascio dei visti. Nei mesi scorsi analoghe iniziative sono state prese per altri Paesi. Che quadro è emerso da queste ispezioni? «L’immagine che ne è venuta fuori è quella di un quadro profondamente deteriorato. Di una situazione preoccupante. Soprattutto in Congo». Ha […]

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20 October 2023
Tajani: “Italy will work immediately to prevent the war from spreading. Lebanon is at risk”

On the brink of a war that could take on disastrous proportions, the head of Italian diplomacy, Antonio Tajani, is among the most active in trying to prevent the situation from escalating at the last minute. The objective that the Minister of Foreign Affairs has been pursuing since 7 October, trying to gain support from […]

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19 October 2023
Tajani: “Neutralising Hamas means giving hope to the Palestinian people” (Corriere della Sera)

Antonio Tajani just concluded a meeting with Giorgia Meloni at Palazzo Chigi. The main focus of the forum was the conflict in Israel. Some information collected and identified by our services was analysed. What emerged from this intelligence, at least according to our Minister of Foreign Affairs, is a certainty: “From the evidence shared by our intelligence […]

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16 October 2023
Tajani: “Italy is against Hamas, not against Palestine. But Israel must defend itself” (Il Messaggero)

From Egypt to Israel, from Israel to Jordan, from Jordan back to Rome, but passing through Monza and Trento, two stages in the election campaign that looms over the weekend. Antonio Tajani, Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and leader of Forza Italia is on the train that is taking him back to Rome. In his […]

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13 October 2023
Antonio Tajani “Hamas kills like the Nazis. Let’s not set the Mediterranean aflame” (La Stampa)

Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani will fly to Israel and Jordan this morning to renew Italy’s support and bring the government’s attention to the three Italian nationals that Hamas may have taken hostage. He also asks the public “not to confuse Hamas with the Palestinians. Palestine is something else entirely. The Palestinian people […]

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9 October 2023
Tajani: “An escalation of incalculable impact must be averted. Arab mediation needed” (Corriere della Sera)

On the side of Israel and its people, who are suffering a “monstrous” aggression against defenceless civilians, women, children, the elderly, and not a mere act of war or terrorism. Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani has no doubts as to what Italy’s position should be in the conflict that has just erupted in […]

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