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Napolitano in Poland, the forthcoming EU summit must be a “turning point”

“A joint effort will be needed at the forthcoming European Council to make it a ‘turning point summit’ that defines a commitment, based on solidarity, to defend the euro and support those countries with more serious problems and a heavier sovereign debt”. This was the call uttered by the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, from Poland, as his official visit drew to a close. The President was accompanied by Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi. According to Napolitano, speaking at an economic forum in Warsaw, “at this stage we need to energetically pursue fiscal consolidation and financial stability policies”. Such policies, however, must go hand-in-hand with policies to boost growth. These, reiterated the Head of State, must be the goals of the European Council taking place in late June.

President Napolitano underscored that responsibility for Europe cannot be narrowed down to just 2 countries like France and Germany, influential as they are. He remarked that the customary consultations between those two countries should now be extended to include Italy, whose government and Prime Minister attract respect and esteem.

Poland’s “enviable” economic growth

Napolitano suggested that “enviable” economic growth such as Poland’s, which has stood up well to the impact of the global crisis, should be viewed as “an extremely ambitious goal for the euro-zone’s member countries”. The Head of State explained that Rome and Warsaw share “the same views” and “great friendship”. Italy’s decision to strengthen and maintain these relations with Poland was strategic and far-sighted, observed the President.

Europe was the focus of Foreign Minister Terzi’s meeting with his Polish colleague, Radek Sikorski, along with issues related to religious freedom.

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