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Afghanistan – Conference in Tokyo (8 July)

New development interventions in Afghanistan for the post-2014, the date set for foreign military withdrawal, will be the focus of a conference in Tokyo on 8 July, which follows a meeting in Chicago on security. The Italian delegation will be led by Under-Secretary Staffan de Mistura, and join those of over seventy other countries and international organisations from all five continents.

Sustainability is transition’s priority, says Terzi

Ahead of the Tokyo conference, Minister Giulio Terzi underscored that “the priority must be the transition’s sustainability, the fundamental conditions for which are security, also at regional scale, and development”.

At the level of security, Minister Terzi underscored that “a major positive sign” was a recently signed U.S.-Pakistan accord on reopening land routes: “a diplomatic success that Italy hails, he said, since it is sure to bring greater regional stability and cooperation, which is a major plus for NATO and the ISAF forces engaged in the process of transition in Afghanistan”.

Impossible goals

Terzi expressed the hope that the Tokyo Conference would “result in the concrete renewal of the international community’s pledge to continue to ensure, finance and develop Afghan progress”. “Italy will do its part”, Terzi assured, recalling that “thanks to our country’s contribution, the Afghan civil society has achieved goals that only ten years ago would have been impossible, such a sharp increase in literacy and women’s greater participation in political life”.