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Gaza – Terzi reports to Lower House – prolonged conflict would have unacceptable humanitarian consequences

“A prolongation or deterioration of the conflict would have unacceptable consequences at humanitarian level, but also with regard to the stability of the region and the Mediterranean area in general”. This was the statement by Minister for Foreign Affairs Giulio Terzi in his report to the Foreign Commission on the situation in Gaza, underscoring that “in the wake of the Arab Spring, regional leaderships have become more sensitive to public opinion”.

Devastating potential

The current crisis between Israel and Gaza, the minister added, has a “much more devastating potential than that of molten lead”, as a result of “the superior quality of the arms being employed, some of which are clearly coming from Iran”. Terzi then voiced the hope that Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s announcement of a truce in the coming hours would be “comforting news. I won’t say good news because as bloody a crisis theatre as this cannot be good”.

EU must take a unified position on PNA status

The UN vote on the status of the Palestinian National Authority is connected with the Gaza/Israel crisis. “This time”, Terzi explained, “the European Union must make a concerted effort to express a unified position”, when the UN General Assembly votes on 29 November vote whether to upgrade the PNA’s status, or else appear “impotent” or “irrelevant”. He pointed out that the majority of the 27 members seemed inclined toward abstention in order to obtain that unity.