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The world needs the rule of law, says Bonino

Minister Emma Bonino recalled the courage of humanitarian workers around the world in a video message for World Humanitarian Day 2013:

“In armed conflict millions of persons are wounded or killed, forced to leave their homes, discriminated on the basis of gender or sexual orientation, and deprived of their social and political rights”.

The children, the most innocent and vulnerable of these persons, suffer the most. Their mothers, and the elderly, also become targets.

We are increasingly having to bear witness to widespread violation of the basic principles of humanitarian law, especially under conflict conditions.

The violation of the rule of law is all too often one of the catalysts for transforming an unstable political environment into a violent conflict.

We cannot remain indifferent to these tragedies.

And there are many who have not. Many who are ready to risk their own lives and to confront concrete dangers to help others, bringing comfort to the suffering innocents.

Many who have the courage to demand the respect for human rights and the rule of law that form the base for the protection victims from violence.

Do not forget them; help these humanitarian workers; defend them and their activities; make your contribution to teaching respect for the rule of law and, thanks to this support, help them to save human lives.

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