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Culture – From Futurism to Canova, Italy exhibited in New York

Italian culture takes the Big Apple by storm, with a variety of events. Let’s start with the Futurist exhibition at the Guggenheim, much anticipated by critics and public. The exhibition will run through September and includes 300 works that tell the story of the movement from Marinetti’s Manifesto through painting, sculpture, architecture, design, fashion, cinema, photography, advertising design, poetry and theatre.

Depero at the Center for Italian Modern Art, Piero della Francesca and Canova at the Metropolitan

Also associated with the Futurist movement is the exhibition dedicated to Fortunato Depero at the Center for Italian Modern Art (CIMA), created in 2013 to encourage the study of Italian modern and contemporary art. Additionally, four paintings by Piero della Francesca (including the Modonna of Senigallia) and an exhibition of the works by Anonio Canova: The Seven Last Works, showing plaster models with scenes from the Old and New Testament, both at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

‘The Hero’ by Saracino in Bryant Park

The Frick Collection will display a collection of Renaissance to Baroque bronzes, with a large number of Italian works ranging from Andrea Riccio to Giambologna to Giuseppe Piamontini. And to top it all off, Antonio Pio Saracino’s contemporary reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s David, entitled “The Hero”, was installed in the heart of the city in Bryant Park to close the year of Italian culture in the United States.

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