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Gentiloni: Libya crisis a common threat – shared commitment to oppose Isis; Ukraine: room for political solution

The crisis in Libya – which could be exacerbated by the annulment of the elections decided by the Libyan constitutional court and subsequent dissolution of the parliament – poses a “threat, not only to Italy but to everyone”, said Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Paolo Gentiloni, speaking during the inter-parliamentary conference at the Senate on common foreign, security and defence policy. He placed the accent on the need to bolster United Nations efforts at finding a political solution to the Libyan crisis.

Growing number of refugees in Italy

The minister underscored that of the total 162,000 refugees that had reached Italy’s shores, 132,000 were Libyans, and that for that reason there was a need for the “presence” of Europe.

Shared commitment to oppose ISIS

Gentiloni described the threat of ISIS as unprecedented, requiring a shared political, military and also cultural commitment.

Ukraine, room for political solution

With regard to Ukraine, the minister underscored that “Italy’s position is clear, i.e. respect for the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, and for that reason we do not recognise the elections held in Donbass and endorse the sanctions against Moscow”. Gentiloni added that there was “room for a political solution” associated with maintaining this “firmness” and with the willingness to “dialogue with countries such as Russia”.

As for the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, he cited the “two-State solution as the only one possible”.

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