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DEI – Korea: INSEAN-CNR and Hyundai scientific cooperation agreement

CNR-INSEAN and Hyundai Corporate Technology Institute – Hyundai Heavy Industries (HMRC-HHI) have signed a scientific cooperation agreement in the shipbuilding sector, which includes personnel exchanges and possible trade opportunities. The Protocol of Understanding was signed between the national institute for the study and practice of naval architecture (INSEAN), part of the national research council (CNR) and the Korean firm and world leader in the field of shipbuilding. Its initial goal is to develop research on the topic of naval cisterns for the transport of liquid national gas (LNG). Indeed, CNR-INSEAN has developed new 3D multiphase flow simulation tools to predict the behaviour of liquid gas transported in large containers at a temperature of -163°C. In particular, CNR has designed a new mathematical/numerical model to be applied to a Hyundai ship and, after an initial assessment phase, further studies will aim at being able to predict pressure peaks caused by impacts, thus creating the opportunity to design and build safer ships.

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