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Lisbon – “Ithaca”, the art of Enzo De Leonibus in Portugal

Luisa Violo, director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Lisbon, presented the exhibition “Ithaca” by the artist Enzo De Leonibus: “The image chosen as the emblem of the exhibition presents us with a question: Who is really in the cage? What is the cage for? To stop the birds from flying off or rather so they can protect themselves from us?” Ms Violo asked. The director continued: “What the artist De Leonibus has created is a life path emphasised by the exhibition title, ‘Ithaca’. The sense of a journey is often found in his works. Is ‘Ithaca’ the landing? Or has the need to travel forged our artist to such an extent that he can never stop and will always need to set off again? Sometimes the destination is such only as an aspiration, but the meaning of life always calls us to new journeys and new adventures.” The exhibition, curated by Maurizio Coccia, will open on Saturday at 7 pm in the former chapel of the aristocratic palace where the Institute is based. It will run until 11 March. The artist Enzo De Leonibus and the Portuguese critic Joao Silverio will be present, with the latter drawing a portrait of De Leonibus and his intense artistic activity.

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