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Buenos Aires – Nanni Moretti attends the BAFICI Independent Film Festival

“I believe in people. But I do not believe in the majority of people…” This is a famous quote by Nanni Moretti from his movie  ‘Caro diario’ (‘Dear Diary’), which will be screened at the BAFICI independent film festival, on Thursday, 20 April ( at  5:10 p.m at Theatre 4, Village Recoleta). The Festival will run from 19 to 30 April in Buenos Aires. As announced on the website of the Italian Cultural Institute in Buenos Aires, the film will be followed by a discussion with Nanni Moretti. The same format will be duplicated on 30 April at the Gaumont movie theatre at 10:30 p.m. 
The film is organized into three chapters: “In Vespa”, “Isole” and “Medici”.   In Chapter 1, Moretti , who plays the lead, rides his Vespa motorbike  through the streets of Rome that are empty during the summer. He also comments on American films (“Henry : A bloody rain”), on so-called Italian films (where everyone cries about the youth they lost and betrayed ideals), on the beauty of Roman houses, and on his love for dance and ‘Flashdance’. The second chapter sees Nanni Moretti and his friend Gerardo on the Aeolian Islands looking for peace and inspiration. In the third chapter, Nanni tells of his (true) experience with a disease and the inability of medical doctors to listen to him.

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