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“Due ma non Due” by Clara Salina on show

“Due ma non Due” (“Two but not Two”) is the title of the double installation to be displayed at the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) in Santiago in Chile from 27 June to 1 August. The installation, by Italian artist Clara Salina, tries to cast light on the cycle in which we are trapped and of which we must be aware: the chemistry of the environment affects our bodies just as the chemistry underlying our emotions conditions our decisions. So, to close the cycle: we are responsible for what surrounds us, insofar as there is no effect that hasn’t been previously caused by us. The two installations are Esho Funi and Nichi. The first features micro-macro characteristics and is made with wax paper featuring stellar phantoms, spectres of chemical elements and organic chemistry structures, the same chemical structure of the artist. The second (which means “Sun” in Japanese) is a macro in the micro display. Made of transparent plastic material, it is a cross-section of our sun, spread out in all its width. “The installation consists of two systems and occupies visual material such as star spectrums and chemical matter, formulated in a dimension spanning from micro to macro, and expresses the ephemeral as an element of light and transforms tangible elements representing a theory of life.”