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Anti-Semitism Conference

“The Arch of Titus and the Menorah, the seven-branched lamp, are the stylised elements that make up the logo of the Conference of Anti-Semitism. Italy, currently holding the OSCE Chairmanship, will organise the event in Rome on 29 January. It is meant to highlight the importance given to the fight against racism, intolerance and discrimination, and is one of the initiatives taking place to commemorate the International Holocaust Remembrance Day.” “If fundamental rights are protected by the legal system in everyday life, without exceptions and without discrimination, it establishes the rule of law and security is guaranteed. If such protections do not take place, conflicts will multiply, giving rise to social and political instability,” said Minister Angelino Alfano during his first address as new Chair at the OSCE.In the past few years, Europe has been the scene of an increasing number of attacks of anti-Semitism, at times fueled by social tensions, by the situation in the Middle East, and by the Internet’s role in accelerating the dissemination of propaganda. The Conference will promote an exchange of opinions, experiences and best practices among the participants. It will become a platform to foster dialogue and enhance cooperation, in line with the OSCE’s principles. The OSCE is “one of the large environments for global multilateralism in which there is no room for discrimination and intolerance,” the Minister said. Aware of the importance of fighting against all forms of racism and intolerance, Italy, during its 2018 Chairmanship, also wishes to draw attention to the themes of persecution against Christians and discrimination against Muslims.