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“Young Ambassadors Society” recruitment

G20 Youth Summit: The Young Ambassadors Society is recruiting 2 delegates for Y20 Argentina 2018

In association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Young Ambassadors Society (YAS) is recruiting two delegates to represent Italy at the Y20 Youth Summit, the youth conference corresponding to the G20.

This year, the Y20 Summit will be held in the Córdoba Province in Argentina from 13 to 19 August 2018. 

The focus of the Y20 Summit will be “Education for Development”. The delegates will discuss the following issues:

  •          Skills for the 21st century: education for employment, innovative educational methodologies, reducing gender and inequality gaps, teaching skills and citizenship;
  •          The future of work: adapt the current labour paradigm, policies for retraining and re-skilling workforce, new technologies;
  •          Entrepreneurship and self-employment: employment, innovation and welfare effects, youth unemployment, infrastructure to foster local consumption and collaboration, digital economy;
  •          Sustainable development: strong, sustainable and inclusive development, circular and blue economy, sustainable consumption and resource efficiency.

The conclusions reached by the delegates will be put into a statement that will be presented to the G20 leaders.

Delegates must meet the following requirements:

  •          Age between 18 and 30;
  •          Deep knowledge on at least one of the four task force topics listed above;
  •          Valid passport with visa if necessary;
  •          Fluent English;
  •          Commitment to work at least 10 hours a month on the preparation and follow-up actions of Y20 for 12 months;
  •          Non-government employee;
  •          Capacity to understand global problems with a multicultural perspective;
  •          Excellent academic credentials and/or experience in voluntary work, or currently an active participant in youth organisations or an NGO or involvement in projects that deal with youth-related issues.

Food and lodging while in Córdoba will be covered by the organisation in charge of the Y20. 

However, travel costs to and from Córdoba will have to be borne by the delegate. Each delegate will be responsible for obtaining any visas needed to enter Argentina.

Please fill out this form to submit your application no later than 27 February 2018.