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GREECE – Sparkle and Neurosoft launch Enterprise Link to support digital business transformation

Sparkle and Neurosoft, an IT company specializing in ICT services, announce their collaboration in the field of “managed services” with the launch of Enterprise Link in the Greek market.

Enterprise Link  is a business connectivity service aimed at multi-location enterprises to help them simplify their network architecture and improve communication between branches, headquarters, and data centres.

In the past, companies connected their sites via an MPLS network infrastructure, bypassing the public Internet and providing web applications from a centralized and often congested Internet line. Today, the growth of innovative online cloud services offered by international service providers requires more advanced, flexible, and intelligent network infrastructure and connectivity options.

Based on SD-WAN, Enterprise Link operates independently of the current network (MPLS or Broadband) and optimises WANs according to business needs. With application prioritisation, traffic splitting, real-time link measurement and load balancing tools, Enterprise Link brings users closer to their applications, wherever they are. At the same time, the service helps increase the level of information security across the entire digital infrastructure, detecting and preventing threats, simplifying day-to-day operations, and enabling network automation.

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