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For International Women’s Day, the Farnesina is screening M A N I F E S T O, the short film from the Diritti Lab series created in collaboration with the Università IULM in Milan


8 March 2022. Diritti Lab, a project created through a collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Università IULM in Milan, is fully up and running. The project consists of 13 films produced by young final year students and graduates of the university, dedicated to 13 human rights and fundamental freedoms. Today, 8 March, to mark International Women’s Day the Farnesina is screening M A N I F E S T O, a short film focusing on women’s rights. The film is available on the Farnesina’s portal and on its Vimeo channel.

M A N I F E S T O was produced by IULMovie LAB and edited by the students of year II of the Università IULM’s Master’s Degree in Television, Cinema and New Media under the artistic supervision of Giuseppe Carrieri. The M A N I F E S T O project was conceived as a collection of “poems for the eyes”, a form of short, essential haiku produced following precise cinematographic narrative rules. A reflection inspired by a reading of Amelia Rosselli’s poem Attorno a questo mio corpo, the film explores diversity and the complexity of the ageless female gaze. A multi-faceted and changeable subject that looks back at the life of an ideal “female I” in all its potentiality and capacity to act, in all parts of the world and against all limitations, all restrictions, all violence.

Earlier this year, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Farnesina hosted on its portal the short film “Non ho sentito gridare nessuno” (There were no screams) by the director Giuseppe Carrieri. That film too was made in collaboration with the IULMOvie Lab of the IULM University. The protagonist of the video is Nazi concentration camp survivor and partisan Riccardo Goruppi, who witnessed the atrocities in Dachau. In the short film, Goruppi, who passed away in April 2021 at the age of 94, talks to the pupils of the “Simon Gregorčič” lower secondary state school in Dolina (Trieste), in a symbolic handover of the baton of testimony to the new generations. “Non ho sentito gridare nessuno” was the pilot episode of the Diritti Lab series, which will run until January 2023.

This cultural diplomacy initiative, which aims to inspire the international audience to reflect on the theme of human rights and fundamental freedoms, is part of Italy’s bilateral and multilateral efforts to defend those rights and freedoms, efforts that are the cornerstone of Italian foreign policy. Our country places a great emphasis both on protecting and promoting women’s rights, gender equality and female empowerment and on combating all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls. These key questions are also included in the areas of intervention of the six-month Italian Presidency of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers and are a priority of our mandate in the Human Rights Council of the United Nations for the 2019-2021 three-year period. They continue to feed into the ongoing and participatory reflections that we are taking forward.


A IULMovie LAB production
Edited by the Year II students of the Master’s Degree in Television, Cinema and New Media of Università IULM in Milan
Artistic supervision – Giuseppe Carrieri
Editing – Giancarlo Migliore
The text for the off-screen voices was drawn from Amelia Rosselli’s poem Attorno a questo mio corpo, in Serie Ospedaliera (1963-1965)
Narrator – Assunta Lazzaro