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Minister Bonino comments on US-Russia agreement on chemical weapons ban in Syria: a good first step

The agreement reached today by the US and Russia is a good first step, not only as a ban on chemical weapons in Syria but also in the service of a negotiated solution to the bloody civil war in that country.

“I am pleased that the Americans and Russians reached the agreement that led to the first Geneva conference and outlined the specific route designed to lead all actors to sit down once again to discuss a future of peace for Syria”, Minister Bonino commented on the news from Geneva.

“Naturally, now all the important regional actors and all factions in the conflict must be involved in achieving a ceasefire as soon as possible and in opening the country up to humanitarian aid. We are still facing many challenges, and not least the re-entry of millions of Syrian refugees from Jordan and Lebanon”, the minister added, underscoring the essential role of the United Nations and the OPCW in the detailed application of the agreement reached today in Geneva.

“Italy is ready to make any contribution it can to implementing decisions taken within the context of the United Nations”, Minister Bonino concluded.