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New York. Amendola addresses the network of ministers in favour of the International Criminal Court

“The development of international criminal law is among the major achievements of the international community, but it would not be complete without the establishment of the International Criminal Court. It institutionally testifies to the collective engagement in defense of human dignity.” These are the opening remarks of the address delivered by Undersecretary of State Vincenzo Amendola at the meeting of the informal network of ministers in favour of the International Criminal Court.”The responsibility of criminal proceedings against anyone committing crimes against humanity falls on the entire international community. Today, it is all the more necessary to be committed so that the Court can effectively carry out its mandate. Any weakening of our determination in supporting the Court would pave the way to horrendous large-scale atrocities. And we cannot run this risk.” “Finding Al Faqi Al Mahdi guilty for the destruction of historic and archeological sites in Timbuktu is a milestone in the action of the Criminal Court, amplifying its defense of the world’s cultural heritage,”added Mr. Amendola. “Law enforcement is the major antidote to tyranny and the most effective guarantor of our liberties and human rights. In order to put an end to the impunity of international crime perpetrators, we need the support of all the states and all the citizens. Only with this attitude will we be able to finally say “never again” to large-scale human rights violations. Italy is proud to play host to the conference which established the International Criminal Court and is determined to press ahead with these responsibilities,” concluded the Undersecretary.