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Fifth annual session of the joint committe for development cooperation

Today the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation hosted  the fifth annual session of the Joint Committe for Development Cooperation. The session was chaired for the first time by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Luigi Di Maio, accompanied by Deputy Minister Emanuela Del Re. 

The Joint Committe approved a set of initiatives accounting for a total value of over 88 million euros, 25 million of which earmarked for the Countries involved in the Middle East crises, and 8 million for Africa. Voluntary contributions supporting international organisations activities account for 36 million. Minister Di Maio’s opening remarks highlighted that “the work accomplished by our Cooperation is a source of pride for our Country and for its international image.

Development Cooperation represents a privileged tool not only in order to fulfil solidarity goals, but also with a view to promoting strategic goals in terms of conflict prevention, the consolidation of democratic institutions and the stabilisation of areas of crisis.

“Concluding his remarks, Minister Di Maio underlined that” wherever the Italian Cooperation is present, it promotes socio-economic development and access to health services; it supports primary and secondary education, favours agricultural development, fights against desertification, spreads the use of renewable energy sources, protects cultural heritage also fostering sustainable tourism. All this is done without losing sight of what best qualifies us: shared development, partnership and multiple-stakeholder participation.”

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