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Foreign Ministry – Azerbaijan Note, Deputy Minister Di Stefano leads web mission on restoration sector

Today, Deputy Minister Manlio Di Stefano opened the web mission on the restoration sector. This is the second event for the sector in Italian / Azerbaijani collaboration in reconstructing districts that are once again under Azerbaijani control.

The virtual mission, held as part of the joint Italy-Azerbaijan Commission, follows on from the mission the Deputy Minister carried out last December in Azerbaijan, after the tripartite ceasefire declaration was made.

The Azerbaijani Energy Minister, Parviz Shahbazo, took part in the event. He is co-president of the Joint Italy – Azerbaijan Commission for Azerbaijan, and he was joined by representatives of his country’s Culture Ministry, representatives of ANCE (Italian Building Constructors Association) and Assorestauro, as well as selected companies from the sector, who were able to inform their Azerbaijani counterparts of their expertise.

“When it comes to restoration,” said D.M. Di Stefano, “our country has developed skills that are recognised worldwide, precisely as a result of  the enormous significance of Italy’s historical, artistic, and archaeological heritage.”

“Our companies in the sector are willing to offer their skills for restoring the local heritage, and they are sure they will be able to retrieve, preserve, and valorise the same in the best possible manner,” the Deputy Minister went on to say.

“Very soon we will organise further web missions in the construction, energy, and smart cities sectors, always applying a systematic approach to virtuous collaboration between the public and private sectors, to take our companies and professionals abroad that are best fitted to the specific task,” concluded the Deputy Minister.

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