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Sereni speaks at G20 Development Ministerial meeting: the consequences of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine particularly impact the most vulnerable countries

Deputy Minister Marina Sereni took the floor today during the first panel of the G20 Development Ministerial meeting, organised by the rotating Presidency of Indonesia on the island of Belitung, once again firmly condemning Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which has caused a number of humanitarian and development-related consequences in many of the most vulnerable countries. This is all happening in a global situation marked by the pandemic’s high human and economic costs. “We need to resolutely step up our collective efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030; we need an inclusive recovery, which must primarily aim to bolster the resilience of developing countries”, the Deputy Minister said. In such a context, the Deputy Minister stressed the importance of gender equality-related issues, women’s and children’s rights, the development of social protection and healthcare systems, the contribution of small and medium enterprises to the development of balanced and effective economic systems, the search for innovative funding systems aimed at including private investments – as well as the required public funds. All this – the Deputy Minister pointed out – must go hand in hand with the necessary and paramount attention to climate change and with an equitable energy transition, which, while reducing climate-changing emissions, must ensure tangible support to developing countries in order for them to overcome their vulnerabilities.

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