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Celebrating International Yoga Day

Today 21 June, at 7 pm, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Embassy of India in Italy will celebrate together International Yoga Day. A yoga practice session will be held in the main courtyard of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to spread a special message of positivity, well-being, mutual understanding, and respect for the environment.

After the institutional greetings by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Manlio di Stefano, and India’s Ambassador to Italy, Neena Malhotra, Yoss master Giancarlo Miggiano, assisted by his students, will hold a lesson for 120 participants, in full compliance with safety regulations. Participants will wear a special commemorative T-shirt made by the Indian Embassy and use eco-friendly mats made in Italy and provided by an Italian company.

According to Deputy Minister Di Stefano, during the most critical phase of the pandemic, “Yoga has helped many people to maintain their physical and mental balance, to be more conscious of their choices and their attitude towards others, to respect the world we are living in”.

The International Yoga Day is an anniversary established by the General Assembly of the United Nations with Resolution No. 69/131 of 2014, which wanted to recognize the great spreading of the millenary sport-philosophical discipline practiced in Italy by 3 million enthusiasts and over 200 million people worldwide.

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