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Undersecretary Di Stefano at the Italy-Turkey Innovation Day: “A new multilateralism of research”.

Undersecretary Di Stefano, together with the Turkish Deputy Minister of Industry Mehmet Fatih Kacir, has opened the Italy-Turkey Innovation Day, an event jointly organised by Tubitak, the Turkish government agency for scientific and technological research, and by the Embassy of Italy in Ankara.

“Today, the economic crisis caused by the pandemic makes a relaunch based on innovation and technology more necessary than ever” –  the Undersecretary began. “Renewable energy and energy efficiency, digitalisation, intelligent mobility and smart cities, big data, and artificial intelligence are the sectors of the future that require greater investment and better synergies in the field of research, as well as financing and incentives in industrial applications. All of which also means creating the climate that is favourable for start-ups, so that human creativity can find the best conditions for inventing the future.”

Recalling the outcomes of the Italian Presidency of the G20, which was centred on People, Planet, and Prosperity, Di Stefano continued: “Italy and Turkey, as G20 members, share the idea of development that is centred on people and on the well-being of our planet.”

“To overcome the challenges of this century” the Undersecretary concluded “a new multilateralism of research is necessary, beginning from the pillars of the new post-Covid era: digital, sustainability, and the healthcare supply chain.”