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Undersecretary Tripodi inaugurates the school year of Italian schools abroad in Athens

Today, Italian Undersecretary of State Maria Tripodi opened the Opening Ceremony of the 2023/24 school year for the 30 Italian Schools Abroad active in the northern hemisphere: “Education is a fundamental theme for cultural diplomacy and Italy’s foreign policy. The Italian schools abroad have been one of the first tools for transmitting the Italian language and culture in the world, and today they enable us to promote teaching strategies and innovations, together with our cultural heritage and our system of values, as inspired by the Constitution”.

The event, which was hosted by the Italian State School of Athens, was attended by the Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs Odysseas Zoras and the Italian Ambassador to Greece Patrizia Falcinelli, as well as the Director General for Public and Cultural Diplomacy Alessandro De Pedys.

“School is a useful tool both for maintaining the link with our cultural identity and, as is happening more and more frequently, for attracting students who choose Italy not only because they are fascinated by our language and culture, but also because they are interested in an educational model that makes inclusiveness, democracy and non-discrimination its founding aspects”, concluded Maria Tripodi, after also reading the message of greeting addressed to the students by President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella.

The Italian Training and Education System in the World, which includes 53 Italian schools, is a network that is widespread in all continents and involves over 300,000 Italian and foreign students.


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