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Tajani chairs the Russia Table after the Unicredit case

This afternoon the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Antonio Tajani, will chair the second meeting of the “Working Table on Developments in the Situation of the Italian Companies operating in Russia”, with a special focus on the recent Unicredit case.

The meeting, convened immediately after the decision by the Commercial Court of the Leningrad Region to order the seizure of approximately €463 million of the Russian subsidiary of the Unicredit Group, confirms the attention with which the Government is following the evolution of the crisis in order to protect – with every possible initiative – the interests of the Italian enterprises still operating in the Russian Federation.

Representatives of the credit institution, the Heads of Italian business associations in Russia, trade associations and Italian companies with interests in the country, as well as representatives from the “internationalisation pole” and other Ministries concerned (MEF and MIMIT) will take part in the meeting.

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