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Minister Del Re: international cooperation is in Italy’s DNA

Vice Minister Emanuela Del Re spoke at the Facebook broadcast #DueZero30, organized by the Italian Committee for the World Food Programme. Development cooperation is now part of our DNA. Italy is fully active in this field, which sees us strongly committed to the fight against poverty, for food security and health for all” – she said in her speech. The 2020-2030 agenda for the achievement of the 17 objectives of sustainable development – he continued – is a reference point for all the political choices of the Italian Government. COVID 19 has taught us that everything that happens in the most fragile countries concerns us closely. For example, a serious food crisis in African countries would have a disastrous impact on our country, which is in our interest, even before an ethical and moral imperative, to prevent. From this point of view, the role of the agencies of the United Nations’ agri-food pole, whose headquarters in Rome are linked to the Italian leadership in the agri-food chains and in the global diffusion of a healthy and sustainable food culture, as well as functional to the change of the narrative on Africa, a continent with which we intend to have an equal, partnership link”.




The Mediterranean does not divide us from the African continent – says Del Re – but rather unites us and therefore what happens there concerns the whole of Europe. We live in an interconnected and interdependent world – stressed the Vice Minister – and for this reason it is important that advanced countries, like Italy, bring expertise but also economic resources where humanitarian crises and conflicts create extremism and violence. Also, the socioeconomic crisis that followed the pandemic by COVID, therefore, must be solved at birth with the contribution of all because we do not want it to become chronic.

I am confident that the young people will help us in this, who have always been the driving force for change. There are many who are already engaged in voluntary work and cooperation that – suggested Del Re – should be taught in schools to train better men and women.

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