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Di Stefano meets with the Italian fashion industry leaders

Yesterday a meeting was held, at the Foreign Ministry, between the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs in charge of Internationalisation, the Hon. Manlio Di Stefano, and the leaders of the Italian fashion industry: the President of Confindustria Moda Claudio Marenzi, the Vice President Cirillo Marcolin, the Director General for Institutional Affairs, as well as the DG of Sistema Moda Italia Gianfranco Di Natale and the President of Sistema Moda Italia Marino Vago.

The meeting, which followed up on the signing of the “Pact for Export” by Confindustria and the launching of numerous legislative measures in favour of businesses, also as a result of the interaction developed during the most acute phase of the Covid emergency between the Foreign Ministry and the key players in the Italian fashion world, highlighted Confindustria Moda’s willingness to adhere to the Pact, thus further strengthening the understanding between the Government and institutions for promoting Brand Italy the worldwide.

“Fashion – Undersecretary Di Stefano said – is a cornerstone not only of Italian manufacturing and exports, but of ‘Brand Italy’ as a whole. Together with the leadership of the Italian fashion industry we wanted to strengthen the strong partnership that exists between the Government and Confindustria, sealed on June 8 with the Pact for Export, by sharing the decision to extend the Pact to include Confindustria Moda. This advances the excellent collaboration established between the fashion industry and the Government, and furthers our commitment to work together over the next few months to systematically overcome the post-pandemic economic crisis”.

“Confindustria Moda, with a turnover in excess of 95 billion, a membership of 67,000 businesses and over 600,000 employees, is a key pillar of Brand Italy on the international markets” – emphasised Claudio Marenzi, President of Confindustria Moda. “The dialogue with the Government enshrined in the Pact for Export, already undertaken by Confindustria, will be expressed in forms of collaboration and support for promoting exports, which is of fundamental importance for our companies, with the aim of narrowing the gap caused by the lockdown of recent months. Over the next two years, extraordinary measures will be necessary to keep the entire supply chain of the Italian fashion industry up and going, as a unique example of excellence worldwide, made up of huge brands and small businesses, all of which are essential for our social and employment fabric”.

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