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Italian Carabinieri train police units in Uganda and Rwanda

Italian Carabinieri continue the training of  police units in Rwanda and Uganda within the framework of the cooperation programme between the Italian Embassy in Kampala, the Police Corps of both countries and the General Command of the Carabinieri.

The training programme focuses on forensic activities and on the management of public order in compliance with international standards. The programme is run by two teams of trainers each including three public order trainers and one operational expert. For three weeks they will train Rwandan police units and Ugandan policemen on the management of public order.

Rules of conduct and criteria for the proper use of means and equipment will be discussed in light of international standards and of the democratic system with special reference to restriction in using force and to the need to respect human rights.

Furthermore, in Uganda the Carabinieri trainers are running a course for forensic police and evidence gathering within the framework of the assistance provided by the Carabinieri to the Ugandan Police for the establishment of a Regional Forensic Police Centre in Kampala.