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Montreal: “The Limit of Truth” exhibition of Ventrone’s still lifes

Baskets full of fruit, vases with flowers, still lifes explored in the slightest little detail are the subjects chosen by Luciano Ventrone for the exhibition entitled “The Limit of Truth” that opened in Montreal and that will run until 20 July. The works by the artist, who Federico Zeri defined as “the Caravaggio of the 20th century”, will be on show at the Han Art Gallery, thanks to the sponsorship of the Italian Cultural Institute.  

Luciano Ventrone’s long career spanned from his beginning as a classical figurative painter to his geometric experimentation, all the way to informal and programmed art, and this is the itinerary followed in this exhibition, which aims to explore his long artistic career before starting the still lifes that brought him to fame both in Italy and throughout the world. Many of his works are exhibited to the public for the first time.

Ventrone was born in Rome in 1942. In 1983, Federico Zeri suggested that he start working on the theme of still lifes. And this is where his long and still unachieved research began on the different aspects of nature, which he captures in ever-greater and almost invisible detail and puts before the “eyes bombarded by millions of images” as are the eyes of modern-day man.