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Stockholm: Italy takes part in the Design Week

For the second year running, the Italian Institute of Culture in Stockholm will participate in the Stockholm Design Week, the most important design event in Sweden.

Three evenings will be dedicated to the excellence of Italian design, past and present. The programme of events opens with Design Diplomacy, encouraging the design community to engage in a dynamic exchange of opinions relating to the heritage of the masters of design. As part of the event, two important representatives of the design world of the two Countries will meet to share their experiences with the public. In this edition, at the Italian Institute of Culture in Stockholm, Rosanna Pavoni, Director of the Vico Magistretti Foundation of Milan, and Daniel Golling, curator of the collections of ArkDes Stockholm, will exchange their thoughts on the great masters of design and the importance of their role in contemporary creativeness and output. On the same evening, an exhibition will be opened dedicated to Vico Magistretti, a key Italian designer, to mark the centenary of his birth.

Concomitantly, another two exhibitions will be opened, organised by the Italian Institute of Culture: “Contemporary Anonymous” and “Carpets as Art Pieces”. 

“Contemporary Anonymous”, by Francesco Faccin, is dedicated to the Romanella chair, the Italian folk tradition chair, a quintessential and archetypal example of anonymous object. This type of chair represents a category of objects that have always existed, in an infinite number of forms and variations, designed by nobody and therefore belonging to everybody.

“Carpets as Art Pieces” displays six unique carpets designed by artists based in Northern Europe, showcased in the late 50s interior of the Institute, among the marvellous Giò Ponti furnishings.

The programme continues with a seminar on sustainability, social engagement and the new global trends in food, in particular on the new eating habits and ingredients used in preparing out food, especially microgreens. The seminar also includes a visit to the greenhouse designed by the Italian-Swedish artist Duilio Forte, a wooden sculpture erected by the artist opposite the Institute, with the assistance of a team of Swedish and Italian students, during a workshop organised at the Institute in January 2020, which will continue to be used to grow microgreens and other vegetables.

Last but not least is the screening of two films on the world of contemporary design: “Seven Billion” by Max Rommel (2014) and “L’Adelaide” by Emilio Tremolada (2018), in collaboration with the Milan Design Film Festival.

 The last event organised by the Institute for the Stockholm Design Week is the presentation of ”Nunziatella”, a project by Alessi, in partnership with the Consortium of Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, which combines design and one of the most iconic Italian foods, consisting of an original container for storing and serving Bufala Mozzarella from Campania. An object that showcases the Italian genius in both beauty and good food, while promoting the history of an ageless product, exported across the world, through a contemporary language. The project is by Emma Silvestris, a designer originally from Campania, inspired by the shape of a drop, a symbol of fertility and abundance.