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Made in Italy: Tokyo, focus on fashion sector for relaunch

The fashion sector was the focus of the fifth video link between the Embassy in Tokyo, the companies and compatriots committed to relaunch Made in Italy in Japan. “Textiles, clothing, leather goods, fashion accessories have an absolute strategic importance for us,” Italian Ambassador in Tokyo Giorgio Starace affirmed, speaking about the initiative, which was attended by qualified operators and representatives of large groups and SMEs. Guests of honour were the President and the General Manager of Confindustria Moda, Claudio Marenzi and Gianfranco di Natale.

“We are talking about the most important voice of our exports to Japan: 24.5% of the total for the amount, in value, of 2.5 billion euros out of the 10.5 billion exports registered in total from February 2019 to January 2020: the first year of implementation of the EU-Japan EPA. We are the EU country that exports the most and France, second after us, exports less than a third of Italy,” Mr Starace added.

“In the first year of implementation of the EU-Japan EPA we saw a significant increase of 9.5% in the value of our exports in this macro-sector,” the Ambassador continued. “In fact, the EPA envisages the greatest tariff liberalisation in the fashion sector, in addition to agri-food. At the same time, despite the benefits of the EPA, the fashion sector is where we see the greatest potential. In the first 12 months of implementation of the agreement, 25.2% of the value of shipments of textiles, clothing and other fashion accessories entered Japan through the EPA liberalisations: therefore, we can and must do more considering that for the total of our exports we used the Agreement for 48% of our shipments. We are aware that in the fashion sector the respect of the foreseen rules of origin is complicated, but I am convinced that there is room for further improvement”.

Erica Di Giovancarlo, head of the Tokyo Office, spoke on behalf of ICE. “ICE will continue with conviction in its promotional activity in Japan. For the fashion sector we will be present again this year with Moda Italia – Shoes from Italy, an event dedicated to the most authentic Made in Italy and always a showcase in Japan for excellent products in the clothing and leather goods/shoes sector. To further promote the potential of the EPA, we will also launch an intense training and assistance activity addressed to local importers and Italian companies interested in accessing this market. It will also be important to deepen the prospects for the distribution of Made in Italy on Japanese e-commerce channels”.


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