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Montevideo: a conference on Anita Garibaldi

A Montevideo conferenza su Anita Garibaldi

To commemorate the 200th anniversary of her birth, the Embassy of Italy in Montevideo, together with the Italian Cultural Institute, organised a conference on 4 November at the Museum of Visual Arts on the life and work of  Anita Garibaldi, the famous wife of the Italian soldier, revolutionary and politician, Giuseppe Garibaldi.

This celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Anita (Ana Maria de Jesús Ribeiro da Silva) was part of the initiative “Montevideo. A capital of Italian culture”. Ana Ribeiro, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education and Culture, and Silvia Cavicchioli, Researcher at the Department of Historical Studies at the University of Turin, discussed this fascinating historical figure.

By retracing the multiple itineraries in which memory is preserved and legend is constructed, with representations destined to occupy an important place in patriotic symbolism on both sides of the Atlantic, the two historians referred to the halo of romanticism and the real-life figure of the woman who was the companion of the Italian hero, so much so that she was nicknamed the ‘Heroine of the Two Worlds’.