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Mexico: drawings and paintings inspired by the Divine Comedy

Messico, disegni e pitture ispirati alla Divina Commedia
Messico, disegni e pitture ispirati alla Divina Commedia

The Italian Cultural Institute in Mexico City hosts an original exhibition consisting of a series of drawings and paintings by Gerardo Suzán, inspired by the Divine Comedy and the three canticles Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. In the first section, “Tres Tiempos (Three Times)’’, organized by the Fundación Lodie por el Arte y la Cultura, in collaboration with the studio Suzán, presents in black and white the process that led to the creation of the works, from conceptualisation to documentary research, up to the preparatory drawings and sketches. Thus, the audience can get to know the creative itinerary that led to the final result, entering into the “artist’s workshop”, exploring its sources and inspiring motifs.

The second section presents the real works, inspired by the readings of the cantos of Dante’s Comedy, representing – graphically and with great creative freedom – the circles of Hell, the circles of Purgatory, and the spheres of Heaven. The third section offers a path towards poetry starting from the artwork. The author, Gerardo Suzán, is a Mexican illustrator and painter. He trained at the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas at UNAM, he studied engraving and design at the “Center of the Engraving” with Gigi Pedroli, and at Giuliana Consilvio’s art laboratory in Milan. He illustrated over 200 books and curated the Catálogo de Ilustradores de Publicaciones Infantiles y Juveniles [Catalogue of illustrators of children’s literature].


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