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Women scientists celebrated in Mexico City

A Città del Messico si celebrano donne scienziate
A Città del Messico si celebrano donne scienziate

The Italian Cultural Institute in Mexico City will inaugurate a special photographic exhibition on 12 February. Gerald Bruneau ‘s photographs tell the life of 20 Italian women who chose to dedicate themselves to science.

The exhibition, organized in partnership with the Bracco Foundation, shows us, among others, a pharmacologist, a particle physicist, an MD, an IT engineer, an astrophysicist, a biologist, a palaeontologist, a chemist and a bioengineer. It is a journey across the lives of several Italian women scientists bearing testimony that the stereotypes and biases associated with women pursuing a scientific career can be overcome

In a world where men are almost always the ones to interpret reality, the presence of expert and authoritative women makes it possible to open new ways ahead and renew an approach that, to date, has excluded half of the world population. The exhibition, that will take place in the cloister of the Italian Cultural Institute from 12 February to 8 March, is part of a programme of initiatives the Italian Embassy has organised to promote the role of women in science. It acts as an incentive for all girls who are victims of the prejudice which keep them away from the scientific world and limit their ability to plan their future.

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