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Frigate Bergamini in Tanzania

Nave Bergamini giunta in Tanzania

In the framework of the significant cooperation between Italy and Tanzania, Frigate Bergamini arrived yesterday in the African country. It is an operation carried out as part of the Atalanta Mission, which aims to combat piracy by also fighting against illegal trafficking.

The aims of the initiative – which was also an event to enhance Italy’s visibility in Tanzania – were outlined by Captain Luca Moro, in a briefing today, which was attended by a Tanzanian Defense Delegation, EU Ambassadors and an Atalanta Delegation. It was an opportunity to take stock of the EU cooperation with Tanzania, especially in the field of collaboration in the fight against trafficking in drugs and human beings. The event will also have a positive impact on the already good bilateral relations in the field of defense and will encourage the cooperation of knowledge that is the basis for developing Italian relations with a particularly vital country such as Tanzania.

While thanking the Military Attaché, Commander Mario De Rosa, for his fundamental contribution to the operation, Ambassador Marco Lombardi underlined that Italy attaches great importance to bilateral cooperation with Tanzania in all sectors including defense. He added that, for this reason, the presence of Frigate Bergamini provides a great opportunity to show what kind of partnership Italy can provide to Tanzania, a country that – due to its geographical position and robust economic growth – is continuing to enhance its role in the Region.


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