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Cameroon: projects set up by Cameroonian students returning from Italy are presented

Camerun presentati progetti studenti di ritorno dall’Italia
Camerun: presentati progetti studenti di ritorno dall’Italia

A number of young Cameroonians who studied and trained in Italy have set up six projects on their return  to Cameroon, in sectors including renewable energy, agricultural transformation, cosmetics and the production of building materials. The projects were presented during a conference in Yaoundé, held in the Casa Italia at the Promote Salon. Participants included the representative of the Embassy of Italy, Anna Ruffino, and the Minister of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, Achille Bassilekin III.

Young people returning to Cameroon after studying in Italy are grouped in three associations, with around 100 members, throughout the country. The Italian Ambassador to Yaoundé, Filippo Scammacca del Murgo, sent the young Cameroonians a message, saying “you have studied and trained in Italy, you speak Italian, you have decided to return to your home country to be of greater use. You are a link between Italy and Cameroon; you can turn investment into concrete form, create jobs and contribute to the qualitative growth of your country.  I count on you, on your courage and on your dedication”.

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