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​Bucharest: “On loan from the artist” project

A Bucarest il progetto “Comodato d’artista”
A Bucarest il progetto “Comodato d’artista”

The Embassy of Italy in Bucharest is presenting a project entitled “On loan from the artist. Diego Perrone – Marinella Senatore – Vedovamazzei”. This is the first project promoted by our new Ambassador to Romania, Alfredo Durante Mangoni, to showcase contemporary Italian art.

The project, curated by Ilaria Bernardi, arose from an invitation to important Italian artists – Diego Perrone, Marinella Senatore, Vedovamazzei – to lend one of their works, for four years, to be displayed at the Italian Residence in Bucharest. The three works were installed during the ceremony held to mark Italian Republic Day.

The first, placed in the stairway of the Residence’s entrance hall, is a neon work by Vedovamazzei entitled “+39 Italian Flag”. It is reworking of the version produced for the Rio Olympics, in which the handwriting of the neon “+39” (international phone prefix for Italy) matches that of Ambassador Durante Mangoni. The second, again in the entrance stairway, is “Senza titolo” (2020) by Diego Perrone. The work is one of his famous drawings on paper featuring repeated ballpoint pen marks in which the ink, overwritten with continuous markings, starts off nearly transparent and becomes increasingly dense, thus creating areas of depth. The third work, “Music” (2022) by Marinella Senatore, is located in the central salon of the Residence. This is the second version of a work of the same name presented in 2021 in the Mazzoleni Gallery in Turin. It takes the form of a large section of wallpaper featuring a photograph of “Piccolo Caos”, one of the artist’s first participatory projects conceived with the involvement of over 600 citizens of the city of Cagliari.


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